Commanders take charge on Diars in Unity Cup season opener, 74-67

With his heart and rebounding skill combined with 13 big points, Erold Lucilo led the Commanders (Security Department) on their onslaught against the Diars (Maintenance Department), 74-67 on the first game of the 10th season Unity Cup at DLSL Sentrum last night, Sep. 22.

From the get go of the third quarter the Diars’ defense collapsed and the lead ballooned to 20 points with the contributions of Edgar Allan Reyes’ teardrops and jump shots.

Freethrow also played a big factor in the Commanders’ win as they enjoyed six bonus points from their 14 attempts in the stripes which barriers a commanding lead, 61-43.

The game almost flipped over the Diars’ side. In the last quarter, they showed a glimpse of opportunity by converting plays into points in a 6-8. However, their main cager, Larry Langamon, was ejected from the game due to the intentional duty fouls the he gave up to stop the clock in favor of the raging Commanders.

To seal the game, Lucilo’s squad shrugged off and maintained their 7-point lead, 74-67.

“Maganda yung nilaro namin kasi teamwork, walang takawan at pasa pasa yung bola”, Lucilo explained their key in winning.

The Unity cup is an annual tournament participated by employees from the DLSL community.

Box Score:

COMMANDERS – 74: Lucilo 13, Reyes 10,Tano 10, Lemosnero 8, Huab 8, Balumos 7, Biscocho 6, Mahinay 4, Villanueva 4, Malinao 2, Jocson 2, De La Cruz 0.

DIARS – 67: Andales 15, Faderago 13, Balansag 12, Levita 12, Langamon 6, Oladive 4, Rosales Jr. 4, Rivera 1, Laureto 0, Rosales 0.

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