June 2, 2023
Magadia talks about the beginnings of Lavoxa Online.

“Today, we present to you the fruit of more than two years of labor and more than a decade of dreaming.”

These were the words of Fatima Magadia, editor-in-chief of the Lavoxa Online, after formally launching its website, lavoxa.org, at the MB Exhibit Area, Nov. 22.

With the desire to take advantage of the digital era, lavoxa.org aims to disseminate information relevant to the Lasallian community in a more organized manner and with a wider reach.

Moreover, its launching serves as one of the highlights of this year for the publication.

“The dream of having a website is history. It reached milestones and we look forward for more of what Lavoxa can be,” Frederick Cumagun, publications adviser, said.

Lavoxa Publications Adviser, Frederick Cumagun, discusses the milestones of the organization.

According to Cumagun, it is the first college student publication in Batangas to operate on a website of their own domain.

He also said that the first attempt in creating a website for Lavoxa dates back in the early 2000’s.

Lavoxa Online, which was given its own editorial board in 2016, is one of the five publications under Lavoxa.

Among the attendees in the event were officers of the SG and CSO and members of the administration.
Kris De Jesus, Lavoxa 2005, addresses the audience.
Mariel Villanueva of CSO browses the website.



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