DLSL appoints new VCAR, two deans

Iezyl Torino, former assistant vice chancellor for academics (AVCA) was appointed as De La Salle Lipa’s (DLSL) new vice chancellor for academics and research (VCAR) for the upcoming school year 2018-2019.

Ivee Guce (former BS Mathematics department chair) and Wilfreda Dimaano (outgoing graduate programs chair) were also appointed as deans of the College of Education, Arts and Sciences (CEAS) and the College of Business, Economics, Accountancy and Management (CBEAM) respectively, effective August 1, as per the released OVCAR Memorandum No. 11, June 8.

From left to right: Iezyl Torino, newly appointed Vice Chancellor for Academics and Research (VCAR); Ivee Guce, College of Education, Arts and Sciences (CEAS) incoming dean; and Wilfreda Dimaano, the next dean of the College of Business, Economics, Accountancy and Management (CBEAM) (Photos courtesy of Lipasalliana Archives)

VCAR appointing process

Prior to the mentioned OVCAR memo, the announcement about the new appointed VCAR together with the new AVCA, Edgar Allan Castro, was made last March 19 through a letter released by Bro. Dante Amisola FSC, president and chancellor of DLSL.

Among her other fellow nominees, Castro, (outgoing CBEAM dean), Erickson Martinez, (current director of the Human Resources Department) and Wilfreda Dimaano (newly appointed  CBEAM dean), Torino was given the VCAR appointment after serving as the AVCA for one year.

According to Torino,  the candidates for the VCAR position underwent a process of selection that included surveys, nominations and interviews initiated by  Br. Dante Amisola FSC, president and chancellor of DLSL.

Torino, discussing her appointment as the incoming VCAR (K.Vivas).

“It’s [the survey] not actually a part of the traditional process that they do for De La Salle Lipa, usually it’s by recommendation,” she mentioned.

Torino also said that outgoing VCAR Alicia Botardo, who served in office for eight years, will now be up for a special institutional assignment that is yet to be disclosed by the Office of the President.

On the other hand, the incoming VCAR also said that she played a role in choosing the two newly appointed academic administrators including the new deans of CEAS and CBEAM as per recommendation of the Brother president.

“He said [that], ‘Since you already had your appointment, you could actually now appoint who would be [part of] your team,’” Torino said.

CEAS dean resignation
Due to the resignation of the outgoing CEAS dean, Jose Macatangay, Guce was selected to assume the position as recommended by Macatangay.

Macatangay said that he resigned after one year in the office and decided not to renew his contract as college dean.

“Technically ang term lang namin ay one year lang talaga. ‘Yun [ang] nasa contract then depende na sa admin or sa person yung decision to go on or stay. So ako, I decided not to renew anymore for health reasons,” Macatangay said.

Guce on the other hand emphasized that  it will be a challenge for her administration to come up with a good foundation in creating the new curriculum for general education (GE) courses.

Dr. Guce elaborating the matter of curriculum change and the task of CEAS as the service college (K.Vivas)

“GE kasi yung foundation ng pinaka-curriculum sa college. Having CEAS na parang service college kami, we cater the different subjects of the different GE programs,” Guce explained.

The position left by Guce will then be filled by Roberto Marcelo as the new BS Mathematics program chair.

Other new appointments under CEAS included the new learning area chair for  the National Service Training Program (NSTP) which will be assumed by Maridel Zabala former intellectual property officer of the Office of Research and Publications (ORP).

Back in the deanship

For CBEAM, since Castro will be up for a new position as AVCA, Dimaano, the outgoing graduate program chair will be back again in her position as dean of the college after the former’s recommendation.

“I’ve been with De La Salle Lipa for the last 35 long years. So 35, you cannot wonder how many positions I’ve been through,” she reiterated.

Dimaano took part in numerous positions in DLSL in which she started serving in the institution’s administrative offices and then became a part of the academe as a program chair and dean of CBEAM after finishing her doctorate degree.

“I’ve been the dean of the school, been the dean of CBEAM likewise and then now, I am back in the position after seven years,” Dimaano said

With regards to her deanship for the next years, Dimaano said that whoever would takeover, their goals and plans for the college will continue.

“Our appointment is just for a year, but I am very much willing to serve in whatever capacity I could,” she emphasized.

Dr. Dimaano shares her plans for the whole college (A. Mojares).

Aside from the following changes, Donvito Valle former officer-in-charge of the Accountancy department will be the new program chair for Accountancy, Accounting Technology and Accounting Information System.

Meanwhile, Lanie Santos, former Senior High School learning area chair for Immersion and Business Simulation, will seat as the program chair for the graduate programs for this school year.

Other appointees

As for the College of Nursing (CON), the new program and clinical chair will be Dr. Margie Ebreo succeeding Dr. Anita Rubi.

Other colleges namely the CON, College of International Hospitality and Tourism Management (CITHM), College of Information Technology and Engineering (CITE), and College of Law (COL) will maintain the same appointed deans namely Conrada Bacong, Joy S. Zapata, Julius Maridable, and Atty. Emerito Enginco, respectively.

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