SLCUAA Elims: DLSL Stallions clinch third win

DLSL’s Primo Rueca leading the charge for the DLSL squad (N. Mendoza).

De La Salle Lipa (DLSL) Green Stallions claimed the three straight sets in their game against the Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL) Blue Wizards, keeping their unbeaten record for the third time in the elimination round of the 19th Southern Luzon Colleges and Universities Athletic Association (SLCUAA), 25-12, 25-11, 25-19, at the DLSL SENTRUM, Sept 9.

The Stallions were unstoppable as they charged through the wizards with DLSL’s Primo Rueca whose attacks lead to their dominance with an early 6-0 run, 13-5.

With a marginal lead minutes into the start of the game, the stallions increased their pace and spiked their way through the first set of the game with a 13-point lead, 25-12.

In the hopes of claiming the first set, the Wizards fortified their defense and were able to deflect the incoming shots of the Stallions which gave them their much awaited lead of the game, 3-5.

Stallions’ setter Allan Christian Mayuga perfectly reads the opponent’s play and and then transitions into a calculated set (N. Mendoza).

However, the offense of the team in green and white did not halt as Stallion’s Edel Austria and Kevin Acorda stepped up into the battlefield and dished out cannon-like attacks, breaking the wizard’s fortification and once again giving DLSL the tide of the battle, 16-9.

The second set ended in a glimpse as the blue hitters failed to stop the ongoing rampage of the stallions.

In the third set however, the tides seemed to sway back and forth as the teams on both sides of the court tried to outscore each other.

A duel between La Salle’s Rueca and Malayan’s Joseph De Chaves exchanged blow after blow, preventing each other’s opposing team from taking the lead, 13-13.

Still, the Stallions were not to be underestimated as they ended the match with a 5-0 run and the win at 25-14.

Rueca overpowering three of the MCL Wizards’ front line of defense (N. Mendoza).

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