June 1, 2023

In a race-to-three tournament, the De La Salle Lipa (DLSL) Lady Stallions whipped their namesake rivals, Technological Research for Advanced Computer Education (TRACE) Lady Stallions, during their first game in the 13th United Collegiate Championship League (UCCL), 16-25, 25-11, 26-24, 25-13, at First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities (FAITH) College, Tanauan City, Aug. 25.


CUT SHOT. Lady Stallions’ Naznin Sandoval tries to make a power attack. (R. Lumban)

“Pagiging organized ng buong team sa game, tibay ng loob, talas ng isipan at puso sa paglalaro talaga ang kailangan para manalo,” DLSL’s Clare Hernandez, top-gunner for the game, said.

Starting the first set, the Lipa-based team seemed well-fueled in the first minutes as Chinna Necor delivered their first thundering down-the-line attack, slowing down the pace of red-shirted troops.

The DLSL Lady Stallions further capitalized on the slow start of the TRACE team with the towering blocks of DLSL’s Necor and April Eden Garcia hindered their opponents from notching a score on the board as DLSL’s Alby Cubilla hammered down another down-the-line attack, 4-0.

APPROACH. DLSL team captain Alby Cubilla fights for a single coverage attack. (R. Rico)

However, despite the excellent early run of the green-clad women, succeeding rocky service errors and rugged outside attacks allowed the TRACE women to catch up. As if awakening from their sluggish start, numerous pounding attacks of the women in red lead by Joanna Agustin soon overtook DLSL in the scoreboards, 16-25.

Determined to claim the second set, the Lady Stallions called on strategic substitutions to regain the momentum which proved fruitful as the Lipa-based team’s Hernandez immediately galloped with a powerful middle attack followed by three consecutive service aces of DLSL Stallions’ setter, Gabby Mercado.

QUICK TOWER. Lady Stallions’ Lacdao together with Mercado shields the roof from a quick attack. (R. Lumban)

Alliah Peteza and Sid Valen then gave the opposing team consecutive hammering attacks for a 14-point dominance and ending the set, 25-11.

Showing determination to recover from the setback, the TRACE Lady Stallions managed to pull through in the third set as they stunned the DLSL women in the line through Andrei Reyes’ middle attack, 0-2. 

However, Green Stallions’ Necor quickly rebutted with her quick counterattacks and drop balls, regaining the lead, 19-14.

DLSL’s Hernandez then perfectly pulled out two consecutive service aces. Miscommunication in the game and numerous committed errors on the TRACE side sealed the deuce for the third set for the Green Stallions, 26-24.


TOWERING. Green Stallions Alliah Peteza and Chinna Necor extends their arms to anticipate the Red Stallions’ attack. (R. Rico)

Nearing the finish line, the DLSL Lady Stallions held fast so as not to allow the red-shirted women to regain their composure as the Necor and Peteza tandem delivered deadly attacks. 

Though weakening from their straining two-lose sets, TRACE’s Leeuwen Cenon out up a valiant fight in an attempt to catch up in the fourth set through her numerous crosscourt attacks supported by Reyes’ debilitating down-the-line pounds, 9-7.

In spite of the TRACE’s massive attempt to clinch the set, the green Stallions were not derailed, rallying behind Hernandez’s hammering pounds that allowed the Green Stallions to conquer the match, 25-13.

The women’s volleyball elimination games will resume on Sept. 29 at FAITH Colleges, Tanauan City.

DLSL Lady Stallions with their coach, Aric Aguila. (R. Rico)

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