Gunman robs DLSL students in dormitory; Similar incidents reported in same night

CMG HALL, a dormitory that houses male Lasallians, has been infiltrated by an armed robber. (K. Afurong)

At around 11:40 p.m., two college students were working on their project when a man, carrying a handgun, with a mask and motorcycle helmet entered their dorm room at the CMG Hall dormitory, Villa Lourdes Subdivision, Oct. 24

According to one of the students who requested anonymity, the armed man pointed a gun to his head and demanded for their IDs before they were led into their bathroom. 

While inside, the suspect then took their cell phones, chargers, wallets, and a laptop. 

He also demanded for the passwords of their cell phones.

Both victims only emerged two hours later after a dorm mate went looking for them. 

Later, a supposed gunfight involving the police was said to have occurred at Barangay Lodlod, Lipa City from which some of the students’ valuables were recovered in a bag that was left behind. 

An unidentified armed man intruded one of the dormitories in Villa Lourdes which sparked fear among tenants. (B. Escano)

Similarly at around 11:30 p.m., eight Lasallians were at the terrace of another dormitory across the street when a masked man, wearing a black hoodie and shorts appeared, pointing a gun at one of them.

Ordering them to turn off the lights, the intruder herded them in one of the rooms and closed the door. 

After a while he returned saying, “Hindi kayo ang hinahanap ko,” before leaving and without taking any of their possessions.

Meanwhile, a third incident was also reported to have taken place in another unit but specific details are yet to be confirmed regarding this.  

In all three reports however, the masked man was said to have announced that he was looking for a certain person, though there are varying reports as to whether it was a person going by the name of “Louie” or “Mark”.


It is also yet to be confirmed if the same unidentified man intruded in all instances.


(With reports from Lillian Margaret Viñas and Ericka Nieto)

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