December 10, 2022

De La Salle Lipa (DLSL) produced five top-notchers in the recently concluded Registered Master Electrician (RME) and a top-notcher in the Registered Electrical Engineer (REE) licensure examinations, May 5. 

Out of 3,712 RME examinees, Jerico Morpi placed second with a 91.50% rate, while Juan Miguel Prohibido was fourth with 90.00%. Victor Audric Mendoza ranked seventh with 88.50%, while Joshua Basilan and Allen Paolo De Silva were at the eighth spot with both an 88.00% rate.

In total, 36 out of the 38 takers from the institution passed the RME, garnering a 94.74% passing rate. This figure is 5.26% lower than the 100% passing rate achieved by DLSL last September 2021 but 48.48% higher than the national passing rate of 46.26%.

For the REE exam, Vincent Jolo Areta placed fourth out of 5,567 examinees with a passing percentage of 89.30%.

Of the 79 DLSL students, 38 obtained passing marks, giving the institution a 48.10% rate. This is a 25.58% decrease from the institution’s September 2021 passing rate of 73.68% and a 6.31% decrease from the current national passing rate of 54.41%.

The RME and REE licensure examinations were held last April 26 to 28.

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