July 1, 2022

Members of the ALAY party-list are the major holders of seats in next year’s De La Salle Lipa (DLSL) Student Government (SG), as 26 of them were elected after winning the elections held last May 2 to 5.

Leading DLSL SG is the ALAY party-list standard-bearer Glark Farol who is elected executive president for acquiring 91.09% of the 2,816 votes. 


Five elected executive council officers are members of the ALAY party-list. (Screenshot from DLSL Comelec Facebook page)

Five of Farol’s party-list members completed the executive council: Hannah Quisha Mosca (Executive Vice President), Simon Christopher Abarentos (Executive Secretary), Princess Xena Rogelio (Executive Treasurer), Kaye Camille Comendador (Executive Auditor), and Alecksa Francine Javier (Executive Public Relations Officer).

Elected candidates in the CBEAM and CEAS councils were also all from ALAY.

The newly elected CBEAM council members were all from the ALAY partylist. (Screenshot from DLSL Comelec Facebook page)

Jan Elaine Baliwag from CBEAM won as governor; under her are Gian Carlo Agapito (Vice Governor), Jahziel Moriah Gumapac (Secretary), Yna Melarie Bobadilla (Finance Manager), Joenela Jane Lomongsod (BS Accountancy Program Coordinator), Emerliza Nicohl Arce (BS Financial Management Program Coordinator), Marie Barviella Jamie Silva (BS Legal Management Program Coordinator), and Zar Macrae Lintao (BS Marketing Management Program Coordinator).

On the other hand, Mary Hannah Balayo (BS Biology Program Coordinator), Abby Andrea Panghulan (BS Psychology Program Coordinator), and Mavriel Dimaano (Education Program Coordinator) from the CEAS department were all elected.

Meanwhile, in CIHTM, the newly elected officers all came from VAMOS. This includes June Rheiben Lanting (Governor), Kenneth Lucero (Vice Governor), and Alyanna Nicole Carganilla (Tourism Program Coordinator).

In CITE, representatives from ALAY and VAMOS were closely distributed, wherein three candidates were elected from VAMOS while four were from ALAY.

From VAMOS, Deane Cristine Castillo (Governor), Nadine Gonzales (Secretary), and Leoj Albert Geneta (BS Electronics Engineering Program Coordinator) secured their respective seats.

CITE council is a mix of ALAY and VAMOS party-list members. (Screenshot from DLSL Comelec Facebook page)

Kharyle Anne Cay (Vice Governor), Raelene Genevie Eugenio (Finance Manager), Nicole Andrei Recinto (BS Industrial Engineering Program Coordinator), and Malleah Nathanielle Fanoga (BS Electrical Engineering Program Coordinator) were from ALAY.

In CON, all elected officers were from the ALAY party-list. This includes Kristine Jacinto (Governor), Lhanger Renz Magpayo (Vice Governor), Rodelyn Reyes (Finance Manager), Darlene Brotonel (third-year representative), and Francine Althea Yema (second-year representative).  

Candidates who ran for BS Entrepreneurship Program Coordinator, CEAS Vice Governor, CEAS Secretary, CEAS Finance Manager, and AB Communication Program Coordinator, although unopposed, failed to reach the required number of votes, leaving the positions to remain vacant. Overall, 17 SG positions await an appointment.

DLSL Comelec said in a memorandum posted on its official Facebook page that this year’s election gathered a 63.14% voter turnout, with 2,816 out of 4,460 college students casting their vote. 

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