October 2, 2023

De La Salle Lipa (DLSL) yielded 22 new Electronics Engineers (ECE) and 18 new Electronics Technicians (ECT) from the recently held ECE and ECT licensure examinations, Oct. 15. 

Out of 66 DLSL examinees, 22 passed the ECE board, garnering a 33.33% rating, which is 13.34% lower than the institution’s 46.67% rating last April 2022.

Meanwhile, the school’s passing rate this year is 3.64% higher than the 29.69% national passing rate. 

On the other hand, 18 out of 21 examinees passed the ECT exam, resulting in an 85.71% passing rate for DLSL.

This percentage is 14.29% lower than the school’s 100% passing rate last April 2022, but higher than the national passing rate of 77.11%. 

The Electronics Engineering licensure examination was administered last Oct. 8 and 9, followed by the Electronics Technician licensure examinations last Oct. 10. 


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