October 2, 2023

Eight education graduates from De La Salle Lipa (DLSL) successfully made it in the list of passers for the recently concluded Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), May 19.

In an interview with JC Rosales, one of the passers from DLSL, she shared that aside from enrolling in a review center, she also bought books and listened to the recorded lectures of their reviewers to prepare herself for the exams. 

“I did not believe my sister as I told her I wanted proof. I asked for a screenshot because the site kept crashing when I visited it. When I got home, I hugged my parents and told them I did it.” she added.

DLSL once again acquired a 100% passing rate in the elementary education level similar to the previous passing rate last Oct 2022 after all three alumni passed in the examination.

On the other hand, five DLSL graduates from secondary education were accredited in the boards, recording a passing rate of 83.33%.

In line with the 40.76% national passing rate in the elementary education level, a total of 24,819 elementary teachers passed the qualifying exams while 48,005 teachers in the secondary level had a 46.94% national passing rate.  

The nationwide examination was administered last March 19, 2023. 

Article by: Jennilou Gonzales


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