June 13, 2024

De La Salle Lipa’s college faculty is experiencing another delay in the implementation of their salary increase, which is one of the reasons for this semester’s tuition hike.

“They made promises na nung August daw ibibigay [ang dagdag sweldo],” said Vivienne Rhea S. Padura, President of Tertiary School Faculty and Staff Association (TSFSA), regarding the schedule of the faculty’s salary raise.

However, the target date of implementation was moved to September, until a memo was released by Br. Dante Amisola, FSC last September 14 wherein it disclosed that the implementation of the new standardized salary scale will not meet its latest deadline as it will surpass the Php 49-million budget for the salary increase.

No new target date of implementation was given in the said memo.

Aside from the salary increase for the faculty and staff, funding for the digital campus implementation and installation of air conditioning units are other reasons for the increase of this semester’s tuition and fees.


While Padura shared that their respect for the school’s administration remains firm, she also revealed the negative toll which the delay has taken on her colleagues.

“Na de-demoralize yung teachers na ang liit-liit nung sahod, given the sacrifices na binibigay nila,” she said.

‘Hopefully within the year’

Despite of the setbacks, Padura said that she still has faith in the administration’s promise to implement the increase before the year ends.

However, she also stated that the TSFSA will be meeting to discuss what action to take regarding the issue.

“Hindi naman palagi dapat mag-iintay ka na lang kung kailan ibibigay [ang dagdag sweldo],” she said.

The Student Government also confirmed their stand regarding the issue.

As per SG President Serine Obviar, “Kung ‘yang increase hindi matupad bago mag-finals, malamang-lamang aalma na kaming SG kasi ‘yan ang pangako nila sa amin kaya may increase sa tuition.”

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