July 14, 2024
Newly installed drinking fountains

In relation to the sustainability efforts of the school to eliminate Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles, 23 new drinking fountains were installed in 13 locations  around the campus.

As of press time, the fountains are under flushing and bacteriological test to ensure potability of water.

According to Remian Santos, director of the General Services Department (GSD), they will be ready for use before the Foundation Week.

According to Santos, the drinking fountains will be ready for use before the Foundation Week.

The following are the areas where the new drinking fountains were installed:

  • Student Center Grounds – 3
  • Student Center 3rd Floor – 1
  • South Lounge – 1
  • Diokno LRC –  1
  • Sentrum Side – 1
  • CMR Walkway – 2
  • HLS Canteen / Food Palace – 4
  • BHV/ Old Gym -1
  • Side Gate – 1
  • BB Canteen – 5
  • Centen Walkway – 1
  • Hacienda – 1
  • BB Roofdeck- 1

Before the installation of the additional fountains, there were around 57 around campus but only 45 of were functional as some were under repair.

Last August, concessionaires in the campus were prohibited from selling small bottled waters as part of the part of the Bring Your Own Container (BYOC) policy, to limit the usage of PET.

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