April 22, 2024

In line with the celebration of the Arts month and the 55th Foundation week of De La Salle Lipa, Sayaw Filipinas once again showcased the Filipino spirit and creativity through dance at the Sentrum, Feb. 13.

This year’s performance was a collection of interpretative dance, hip hop, contemporary dance, traditional dance, and retro dance that was participated by both school-based and community-based dancers.

“We wanted to feature the dance art in the school and we wanted the students, the teachers, the partners and the parents to see how De La Salle Lipa is in celebrating the Arts month in the school,” Rogger Basco, Festival Director, said.

However, Basco expressed his disappointment over not being able to incorporate a dance film, which has been a tradition since 2014.

“Sadly this year we weren’t able to get the dance film which I also want to be featured in the festival,” Basco said.

Among the performers from DLSL were dancers from the grade school department and the Salindayaw Dance Company, while the guest performers were the  Drago dela Contempo, MAD About Dance, Nara Dance Troupe, Lasallian Pointes ‘n Flexes, Lipa Integrated Performing Arts, Influxus, Graffiti Motion, La Salle Filipiniana Dance Company, PUP Maharlika Dance Artists, and the Midnite Illest & Battle Crew.

Sayaw Filipinas is an annual non-competitive, invitational dance festival hosted by DLSL since 1998 that aims to bind academic institutions and community-based artists through the art of dance.

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