April 22, 2024

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There may be an “added feature” to your Next÷ card.

Juk Lang, chief executive officer of Hai Na Co., the Filipino-Chinese contractor of the Next÷ ID, said that they are to pull out some 700 newly released student IDs to avoid violation of privacy.

According to Lang, aside from allowing cashless transactions, select student identification cards were also being used to track the location of their holders, even outside campus.

He said that the tracking started last March 1, when majority of the IDs were distributed.

When asked about the purpose of tracking, Lang said, “Gusto ko lang malaman kung saang lomian sila kumakain kaya ko ‘yon nagawa, pero wala na ‘ko ibang reason.”

However, after hearing the news about an international company being questioned for secretly tracking users’ locations, Lang decided to suspend the “Oplan Sumusunod sa Galaw Mo” program and withdraw the IDs from students.

“Secret lang itong ginawa ko kaso mukhang wala pumupunta sa lomian, puro fast food chain lang nade-detect ko,” Lang expressed.

He also asked for the apology of the students who were given the said IDs.

“Sorry talaga sa lahat. Pero promise, nabura ko na mga data. Tinigil ko na rin pagtingin sa inyong pinupuntahan. Sana mapatawad n’yo ako,” he said.

As of press time, Lang has not yet released the list of students who are being monitored, but he said that they could identify for themselves and surrender their IDs to his office.

“Color red ‘yong wire ng antenna. ‘pag nailawan ng LED yung card makikita nila ‘yon,” Lang explained.

He revealed that the wiring was made color-coded to distinguish the identified Next÷ cards from the typical IDs which have black antennas.

Disclaimer: This article is purely satirical and is for comedic purposes only.

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