April 22, 2024

De La Salle Lipa (DLSL) obtained a 96.75% passing rate as 123 out of 127 Lasallians passed the recently concluded Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE), Dec. 2.

In an interview with Lavoxa Online, Clara Garay, a 2023 graduate from DLSL and NLE passer discussed the methods she employed in getting ready for the examinations including the use of lecture notes and how she geared up for the exams with self-discipline.

“I make transes [lecture notes] simultaneously during our lecture classes which is a big help in studying concepts afterwards. I also see to it that I review our drills and exams to familiarize myself with the common board questions,” Garay said.

Another graduate from DLSL and NLE passer, Kristine Jacinto, talked about the challenges she faced during her preparations.

“Since I am an active member and officer of an organization, I used to attend several events prior to the board examination, both out of country and town. Challenging it is to manage and give myself an ample time to study but I guess those activities became my rest and recovery sessions,” Jacinto said.

She also shared an inspiring message for other aspiring nurses highlighting the importance of being tough and learning from other people’s experiences..

“Always remember that tough things never lasts but tough people always do. Ang pagtigil ay hindi ginagawa pag napapagod, ginagawa lang ito pag tapos na,” Jacinto added.

DLSL was hailed as the top 1 nursing school in Batangas, surpassing the national passing rate of 80% by 26.75% while it dipped by 0.87% compared to its 2022 passing rate of 97.62%.

The NLE 2023 was administered across several testing centers nationwide from Nov 11 to 12 with 25, 761 passers out of 32,202 examinees.

Article by Allen Benedict Orense

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