May 24, 2024
The E*Wizard runtime error screen.

At the height of the pre-enrollment period which began Nov. 20, Lasallians voiced out sentiments as the E-Wizard online student portal repeatedly crashed, causing delays in the encoding of subjects and selection of schedules for the next semester.

Several students ranted out through Twitter, saying that the online pre-enrolment system was overlooked in the recent campus digitalization.

Because of the said system errors, there were students who reported that they were not able to enroll their desired subject schedules.

“Runtime error tuwing enrollment. Ang nangyayari tuloy nauubusan [ako] ng schedule. Sobrang conflict tuloy ng schedule. ‘Yung mga natirang sched sa ewiz e conflicting na sa subjects na na-encode ko na,” Jonah Panopio, fourth year BSAT student said.

Meanwhile, there were others who said that they had to try the portal on multiple devices before they were able to pre-enrol.

“Nung una di ako makapasok sa portal. After several times ng pagtatry, fortunately, pumasok naman. Kaso di parin ako makapagencode kasi laging server error or minsan ‘waiting’ kahit mabilis naman internet namin. Kundi pa ko nagpaencode dun sa kaibigan ko, siguro di ako makakapagencode ng ayos,” Ericka Rizzelle Landicho, third year BSIT student said.

Extension only, no reset

Ruben Rubis, Academic Services Director and Institutional Registrar, said that contrary to rumors, there will be no reset on the schedules encoded in the system, since only 28% of the students are not yet pre-enrolled.

However, he said that the pre-enrollment schedule will be extended until Nov. 28, 8 AM. They have also provided a computer laboratory at the second floor of the Claro M. Recto (CMR) building for Lasallians who want to pre-enroll inside the campus.

As of press time, the Information and Communications Technology Center (ICTC) has only responded that there are multiple factors affecting the E*Wizard system difficulties. A further interview with the office has already been scheduled to discuss the matter in more detail.

The E*Wizard School Management System was first acquired by the school in December 2006 (


1 thought on “College studes rant over Ewiz server errors

  1. I lost 2 slots from my section because of the service. I pre enrolled during the afternoon which i was not able to manage because of how slow it worked (All of the subjects for my section had slots during this time) . So i did other things first like doing homeworks,etc. It was night time already but i still have not pre – enrolled so i had to do it. But when i did i already lost slots for 2 of my subjects. I was soo frustrated that i dont know what to do because all the other sections have conflicts with my schedule. If i am going to pre enroll with all my subjects then I would have to change all my section which i really don’t want to.
    Until now I have not pre enrolled those 2 subjects, waiting for it to have slot which i think it wont.

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