March 26, 2023

With the participation of senior high school and college student leaders, President and Chancellor Dante Amisola FSC took to YouTube Live to conduct the “Kamustahan Session” to respond to students’ academic concerns with the Borderfree Education, the school’s online learning scheme during the ongoing pandemic, Nov. 20.

Students asked questions on the future learning plans of the administration, particularly on the school’s capability of sustaining the online learning system for the long run, as well as on other concerns such as mental health, practicum setups, and the student petition for an academic break.

Amisola said that though the institution is still in the stages of preparation to address these challenges, he would want to involve the students in more discussions to come up with an online learning environment which is conducive for all.

“We hope to sit down with you [students], […] and try to have an inclusive group [of] the best minds possible […] and discuss with you,” said Amisola.

Br. Dante Amisola also tackled the importance of personal dreams and aspirations during the Kamustahan Session. (Screen shot from DLSL “Kamustahan Session” live broadcast)

Amisola also added that part of the students’ involvement with the administration’s plans are in designing a curriculum that would remain relevant on a fully online learning platform for an indefinite time period.

“We [school administrators] cannot design school and learning for you, you have to help us design it for you, […] kung nandyan na [ang students] from the very beginning [of the planning of the curriculum design] mas madaling i-implement,”  said Amisola. 

Amisola encourages collaboration between the students and the institution. (Screenshot from DLSL “Kamustahan Session” live broadcast)

On the other hand, to address college students’ concern regarding their supposed practicum for the coming semesters, Amisola gave his assurances that the institution has plans that would be able to prepare the students with real world practices. 

“We need to work with companies to do that [ensure apprenticeships for college students]. I think we started trying to do that, the first people were from the Accountancy program [and accounting firms] have been very open with us,” said Amisola. 

Amisola also said that the institution is still searching for a new virtual model that would serve as an alternative physical laboratory for class requirements.

Answering the student’s inquiries and concerns led by Bro. Dante Amisola. (Screen shot from DLSL “Kamustahan Session” live broadcast)

Extension for submission of requirements

Last Nov. 15, La Salle Students for Human Rights and Democracy (LS4HRD), a campaign-based alliance of organizations, student councils, publications, and individuals from various La Salle schools, spearheaded a petition for an academic break as a response against what is being claimed as government negligence to the country’s education system while facing a global health crisis and successive natural disasters, adding to students’ difficulties in meeting the demands of online classes.

When asked about his stance on the said petition which pushes for a two-week suspension of synchronous classes and postponement of university activities, Amisola pointed out that the academic break is not applicable with DLSL’s self-paced learning system.

“The academic break doesn’t affect us, kung gusto mo mag-break ng dalawang linggo, bahala ka […] when we introduced this self-paced system, it’s really believing in the students’ responsibilities to design their own learning programs,” Amisola said.

However, to address the student’s appeal to extend lock dates of modules due to intermittent connection and consecutive typhoons which hit the country recently, Iezyl Torino, Vice Chancellor for Academics (VCA), announced that all the lock dates and deadlines have been moved from Jan. 8 to Jan. 22. 

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