May 24, 2024

The defending champs, University of Batangas (UB) Brahmans, conquered the homecourt of the De La Salle Lipa (DLSL) Green Stallions in the first matchup of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) – South Season 25, April 20.

Stallions failed to keep up with the early pace of the Brahmans, even committing a traveling violation during the first seconds of the match, setting the tone of the entire game for the scuffling steeds, 8-2. 

Brahmans’ Estremadura attempting to block Stallions’ Wagan through the court. (E. Lingao)

With the Brahmans’ defense locked in, the Stallions found themselves crippled at the backcourt with turnovers and racked numerous air balls and missed shots. By the end of the first quarter, the Brahmans had left the horses pale and stranded at their own stables, 33-10.

Committing the same errors during the second quarter, the Stallions failed to keep their offense strong and came close to receiving a call for a flagrant foul, letting the Brahmans to rain more baskets down, 58-30. 

Stallions switched their gameplan in the latter portion of the game, aggressively opening the match with back-to-back three pointers and fast breaks, but the Brahmans remained formidable, consistently matching each move, 72-38.

Brahmans’ Ortiz passing the ball to Lim while Stallions prepare their defense. (E. Lingao)

Plagued with effortless steals by the Brahmans, the Stallions crashed on their hooves, allowing the former to almost double down on the score by the end of the third quarter, 80-43.

Stallions continued to struggle with scoring baskets and breaking through their opponent’s defense, while the Brahmans calmly carried on with seamless advances, governing the court and finally ending the Stallion’s suffering with a three-pointer, 103-63.

Cubilla, DLSL Green Stallions’ coach explaining the game’s turnout. (E. Lingao)

In an interview with Lavoxa, Alfredo “Bong” Cubilla Jr., the head coach of the DLSL college men’s basketball team, attributed the team’s slow start to a lack of momentum, highlighting the defending champions’ tight defense as a factor in their early deficit.

“Depleted ‘yung lineup natin […] ‘yung ibang players ko hindi makalaro dahil ‘yung iba may injury, ‘yung iba may acads, ‘yung iba parang binigyan ko muna ng disciplinary [action] para matuto sila, kaya ilan lang ‘yung rotation ko ng players,” said Cubilla.

The Stallions’ next game is scheduled on Monday at the Emilio Aguinaldo College, Cavite (EAC-C) campus against the EAC-C Vanguards.


Article by Lei Feliz Estrella, Ryan Neil Reyes, and Jannaya Barrion


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