June 13, 2024

De La Salle Lipa (DLSL) generated 12 new Electronics Engineers (ECE) and 26 new Electronics Technicians (ECT) from the recently held ECE and ECT licensure examinations, April 17. 

Among 56 takers from DLSL, 12 passed the ECE exam, representing a passing rate of 20.69%, 14.44% higher than the institution’s rating of 6.25% last October 2023. 

Meanwhile, 26 out of 41 examinees passed the ECT examination, resulting in a 63.41% rate for the institution, 13.26% lower than the previous year’s rate of 76.67%. 

Janine Alvarez, a successful ECE exam taker, emphasized the importance of determination and maintaining consistent effort in overcoming failed quizzes and overwhelming pressure, acknowledging discouragement, and finding solace in faith throughout her journey.

“I prepared for the exam by mustering my mental, physical, and spiritual readiness. Ensuring that nothing will be left behind talaga. […] It felt like all the pressure really turned into a pray-sure feat. An answered prayer indeed,” Alvarez said.

Alvarez advised future exam takers to prioritize holistic readiness, including acknowledging emotions, resting, and maintaining motivation for licensure, highlighting the power of belief in achieving success.

This year’s ECE examination recorded a national passing rate of 42.49%, surpassing last year’s 33.36% rating.

On the other hand, the passing rate for the ECT examination is 71.67%, marking a decrease of 1.85% from the previous rate of 73.52%.

The 2024 ECE and ECT exams were held at various local testing centers last April 11 to 13. 


Article by Lheira Clare Sanchez

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