July 14, 2024

Gentle embrace as subtle as snow

An essence of comfort in the cold

She kisses the palm of your sweet hand

A moonlight cradle to help sleep at night 

Chiming bells in the morning

She is a streak of sunshine

Residing inside this marvelous heroine

A young girl with boundless dreams


Remnants of sparkling colors

From a girl, soft and wanting

Unknowing of the world

A hero of her own story  

Tiptoeing in the mud 

She is a vibrant flower in the lucid sun

Braids overlaid in a scruffy dress

Her presence allure the night sky


She served a cup of tea

Enjoyed a feast on a tiny table

She set her dolls and lined them up

And told the best bedtime stories 

It was Ariel who longed for the land

Cinderella who lost her shoe

As she finished the tale, she fell asleep 

Together with her dolls

Imaginative and free


The flower that once bloomed

Now the sun of her own garden

Once a twinkling little star

This time, the moon to her own planet

Inside a mother, a girl who lived 

A youthful past, a bud that rose


Piece by Roy Tracy Andal

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