May 18, 2022

The De La Salle Lipa (DLSL) Committee on Elections (Comelec) officially released last April 8 the list of all qualified candidates for the upcoming Student Government (SG) elections.

As observed on the list, 33 candidates are from the long-standing party-list of the Alliance of Youth (ALAY) Leaders, while 16 candidates are from the newly-established Voices for Advocacy, Movement, and Service (VAMOS) party-list. 

Despite the increase in the number of candidates for the SG elections compared to last year’s 15 candidates, the 25 unopposed and 12 vacant positions this year are still noticeable.

With several vacant and unchallenged positions this year, DLSL Comelec said that they will monitor the whole voting period through joint efforts with other offices to attain a high voter turnout, and urged the student body to participate actively.

“We are positive to gain a decent number of voters in this year’s SG elections even with some positions being unchallenged or vacant,” said Rayna Marcial, DLSL Comelec’s Vice Chairperson for Student Affairs.

Here is the list of aspiring student leaders who aim to claim a spot in the executive and the five college councils.  

Executive Council

The executive president position will only have one candidate for the second consecutive year. All coming from the ALAY party-list, candidates for vice president, treasurer, and auditor are also unopposed. 

Meanwhile, two candidates will vie for executive secretary and executive PRO positions.


Glark S. Farol (ALAY)

Vice President: 

Hannah Quisha Mosca (ALAY)


Simon Christopher Abarentos (ALAY)

Krezzia Marie Fernandez (VAMOS)


Princess Xena Rogelio (ALAY)


Kaye Camille Comendador (ALAY)


Alecksa Francine Javier (ALAY)

Angyle Guerra (VAMOS)

CBEAM Council

The College of Business, Economics, Accountancy, and Management (CBEAM) council has 15 candidates, of which positions of the secretary and marketing management and entrepreneurship program coordinators are uncontested.


Jan Elaine Baliwag (ALAY)

Joyce Hernandez (VAMOS)

Vice Governor:

Gian Carlo Agapito (ALAY)

Alexandra Ferriorls (VAMOS)


Jahziel Moriah Gumapac (ALAY)

Finance Manager:

Yna Melarie Bodabilla (ALAY)

Ma. Belen Sacurom (VAMOS)

BS Accountancy Program Coordinator:

Joenela Jane Lomongsod (ALAY)

Blezza Mae Ortega (VAMOS)

BS Financial Management Program Coordinator:

Emerliza Nicohl Arce (ALAY)

Kim Lemuel Irigayen (VAMOS)

BS Legal Management Program Coordinator:

Marie Barviella Jamie Silva (ALAY)

Geraldine Jur Macatangay (VAMOS)

BS Marketing Management Program Coordinator:

Zar Macrae Lintao (ALAY)

BS Entrepreneurship Program Coordinator:

Anne Tricia Sandrino (ALAY)

CEAS Council

All seven candidates who aim for a position in the College of Education, Arts, and Science (CEAS) council are from the ALAY party-list and are unchallenged.

Vice Governor:

Ferlle Christine Ancheta (ALAY)


Kurt Coleen Lorezca (ALAY)

Finance Manager:

Kenneth Gonzales (ALAY)

BS Biology Program Coordinator:

Marry Hannah Balayo (ALAY)

BS Psychology Program Coordinator:

Abby Andrea Panghulan (ALAY)

Education Program Coordinator:

Mavriel Dimaano (ALAY)

AB Communication Program Coordinator:

Emmanelle Joy Escala (ALAY)

CIHTM Council

All three candidates from the VAMOS party-list who seek seats in the College of International Hospitality and Tourism Management (CIHTM) council are uncontested. The finance manager, secretary, and program coordinators of hospitality management and culinary arts are vacant.


June Rheiben Lanting (VAMOS)

Vice Governor:

Kenneth Lucero (VAMOS)

Tourism Program Coordinator:

Alyanna Nicole Carganilla (VAMOS)

CITE Council

The College of Information Technology and Engineering (CITE) council has eleven candidates, of which positions of the vice governor and program coordinators of electrical and electronic engineering are unchallenged.


Rollen Joseph Martija (ALAY)

Deane Cristine Castillo (VAMOS)

Vice Governor:

Kharyle Anne Cay (ALAY)


Alyssa Mariel Belen (ALAY)

Nadine Gonzales (VAMOS)

Finance Manager:

Raelene Genevie Eugenio (ALAY)

Kim Francis Sangalang (VAMOS)

BS Industrial Engineering Program Coordinator:

Nicole Andrei Recinto (ALAY)

Heart Gwen Aquino (VAMOS)

BS Electrical Engineering Program Coordinator:

Malleah Nathanielle Fanoga (ALAY)

BS Electronics Engineering Program Coordinator:

Leoj Albert Geneta (VAMOS)

CON Council

Five candidates who wish to have a spot in the College of Nursing (CON) council are from the ALAY party-list and are all uncontested.


Kristine Jacinto (ALAY)

Vice Governor:

Lhanger Renz Magpayo (ALAY)

Finance Manager:

Rodelyn Reyes (ALAY)

Third Year Representative:

Darlene Brotonel (ALAY)

Second Year Representative:

Francine Althea Yema (ALAY)


Unopposed SG candidates must acquire and meet the target number of ‘50% plus 1’ votes from the college population to be elected.

Meanwhile, the two-week campaign period for the SG elections started last April 18 and will end on May 1. Candidates are also bound to face off for Tapatan 2022 today, April 27, from 1 to 5 p.m. 

As per DLSL Comelec’s timeline of events, the SG election voting period will be from May 2 to 4, and the results will be released on May 11.

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