Stude orgs suit up to execute SDG aligned activities

Student leaders under the Council of Student Organizations (CSO) convened to discuss how to incorporate the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and De La Salle Lipa (DLSL) strategic directions (SDs) with their upcoming activities in the Proposed Activities Planning seminar held at the Student Center, June 21.

Castillo processed the written outputs of the organizational officers (P. Navarro).

Christopher “Kitt” Castillo’, DLSL alumni and Strategic Planning Officer headed the event as the keynote speaker, emphasizing the 17 UN SDGs to the officers from the three CSO divisions, Professional Organizations (PROF) , Socio-civic Organizations (SCRO) and Special Interest Organizations (SPIN).

“The change must begin with you. An organization without a plan has no future,” Castillo said, while highlighting SDGs as a tool to become responsible members of the workforce.

Castillo asked the audience their knowledge on SDGs (P. Navarro).

Furthermore, Castillo explained that through the SDGs the student leaders can solve social issues properly because it allows them to plan based on the goal they set to achieve.

“[De] La Salle Lipa would like to equip you with the right skills [and] the right mindset,” Castillo added.

Marjorie Custodio, Vice President for Audit of Stallion Drive, who attended the seminar expressed that the theme of localizing the implementation of the SDGs is a great advocacy because “starting small consistent movements affect the community by multitudes.”

She realized that her organization has already been applying the SDGs in their past activities and now with the proper orientation, their upcoming activities may serve the community better.

CSO Chairperson, Angel Marquez also said, “With the UN SDGs and the DLSL SDs as the backbone of all organizations, student leaders can become more directed and purposeful in drafting activities which have greater social impact and influence.”

Officers chose among the SDGs that suit their organization. (P. Navarro)

Initiated in September 2015, the UN SDGs is a set of goals seeking to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for every country as part of a new sustainable development agenda agreed upon by 193 countries including the Philippines.

Meanwhile, the Strategic Directions highlights the school’s initiatives in to promote social innovation, shared humanity, social inclusion, justice initiatives and sustainable futures as included in the institution’s revised mission statement initiated by Br. Dante Amisola FSC at the beginning of his term as the DLSL president and chancellor in 2016.


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