March 26, 2023

Rashid Quddus, SG Executive Vice President

Rashid Quddus, SG Executive Vice President

In line with the Expression Week, which temporarily waived the dress code and school uniform policy from Nov. 20-24, SG Executive Vice President Rashid Quddus said that they are also aiming for changes in the dress code.

“The main goal is to allow students to be more comfortable as they breeze past through this semester’s challenges… However, another goal is to see how receptive the student body is when the dress code is more relaxed,” Quddus said.

Specifically, Quddus said that they aim to allow more types of clothing during wash days, and remove the requirement of wearing high heels for women in their school uniform.

“We’re trying to see some progressive changes. We’re trying to see and remove that policy wherein women can go around the school kahit naka-flats,” Quddus said.

“Further changes and revisions will be determined and discussed when the student handbook revision dialogues start,” he added.

DO’s means of assessment

Meanwhile, Discipline Office Head Conny Endozo said that they allowed such activity because it can serve as a means for them to assess the possibility of the SG’s proposal.

Concepcion Endozo, Discipline Office Head

“We can use it as a basis kung ano ba yung tamang dress code [para sa] mga estudyante natin,” Endozo said.

According to her, as per observation, majority of the students adhered to the existing dress code although a few still took advantage of the said activity and flaunted revealing apparel.

“That is not the image we want to project to the community with regards to our La Salle students,” said Endozo.

Endozo emphasized that the existing dress code is not only a part of the discipline policies, but is also under the institutional norms that show the true value and spirit of Lasallians.

Possibility of No-Uniform Policy

When asked if there is a chance of a no-uniform policy, Quddus said that it is possible, but they cannot pursue such action right away.

According to him, they would soon have talks about the issue and decide whether a referendum may be done.

“The decision does not lie in my hands. It (the no-uniform policy) lies in the students’ hands. A referendum may be possible but then these are some baby steps,” said Quddus.

Meanwhile, Endozo confirmed that the discipline office is open to other changes to be proposed by the SG, given proper justification.

“I will just be waiting for the resolution, the justification behind requesting [a] no uniform policy,” Endozo said.

Likewise, Endozo said that their decision together with the Student Handbook Committee and the Student Services Committee would strongly be based how the proposal would be justified.

“We will not interfere and we will recognize the rights of the students to freedom of expression but I hope that the Student Government will also understand that the school has the rights and the duties to develop our students [with] modesty, decency, self-respect and of course with discipline,” said Endozo.

She also said that the reason behind having school uniforms is to not only represent the school but also for safety and security reasons.

‘You are not alone’

The Expression Week is a part of the project You Are Not Alone (YANA), which aims to foster student physical and mental wellness.

Among other activities in Project YANA were Give Blood Save Lives, in coordination with the College of Nursing and the Mental Health Concert #GoodVibes as part of the initiatives under Mr. and Ms. Lasallian Cup’s mental health campaign.

SG also partnered with AB Communication students through their Project No Shame in order to promote self-worth realization.

The week-long activity also marked the SG’s implementation of other such as the online grievance form and a checklist for insurance claiming process. (With reports from Patricia Navarro).

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